Ambrosium Rules

Revised 04/01/2020

This document contains the official Ambrosium rules that will be followed accordingly by moderators when issuing punishments.

Global (MC only)

These rules only apply on the minecraft server

These rules apply on all parts of Ambrosium and will be enforced everywhere except the website.

Format Information

  1. <Severity level> therefore “1” would be Severity 1
  1. <Severity level>.<offense count> therefore “1.3” would be Severity 1 Offense # 3


This section also applies to Discord and the forum, and punishments may vary.

Rules restricting chat

  1. Severity 1:
  1. Warning
  2. Warning
  3. 15 minute mute
  4. 2 hour mute
  5. 12 hour mute
  6. 24 hour mute
  1. Severity 2:
  1. Warning
  2. 1 hour mute
  3. 4 hour mute
  4. 12 hour mute
  5. 24 hour mute
  1. Severity 3:
  1. 24 hour mute
  2. 48 hour mute
  3. Permamute (Appeal for removal)






Treating other players rudely in a non-joking way


Light Advertisement

Discussing another competing service or product or service of any company or entity lightly.

Ex. “Let’s all go play mineplex!”


Discussion of Politics

Discussing politics or political views from the real world

Ex. “Republicans are better than Democrats”



Spamming consisting of rapid text and/or an excessive use of caps.


Or spamming the same message, or other messages at a rapid rate.


Demanding Personal Info

Asking or demanding for personal information from a person


Chat Trolling

Suggesting something that could harm another player’s gameplay or computer

Ex. “Press ALT+F4 for free mastermind rank!”



Broadcasting a message in an attempt to convince others to change their opinion, buy a product or service and/or use a service.

Ex. “Go to for free op!”


Violating Others’ Privacy

Posting the personal information of others such as their real name, address, age or phone number without the permission of the subject. This includes threatening someone with their personal information.


Heavy Advertisement

Joining the server for the sole purpose of advertising an opinion, product or service.

Ex: “Come join our newest server for pvp kits, and for free staff!”



Discriminating against another player for their race. This includes saying the n-word and saying their color in a deteriorating manner.

Ex: “You’re black so your opinion doesn’t matter”


Rules restricting clients (such as hacks and modifications)

Apply for removal of any punishment

  1. Severity 1 (Appeal for removal):
  1. Warning
  2. 1 day ban
  3. 7 day ban
  4. 14 day ban
  5. Permanent ban
  1. Severity 2 (Appeal for removal):
  1. 3 day ban
  2. 14 day ban
  3. 30 day ban
  4. Permanent ban
  1. Severity 3 (No appeal):
  1. Permanent ban

Approved Clients

Any modifications to the clients listed above are subject to the following list.

Approved Modifications

If you have any questions on whether or not a mod is allowed, ask an administrator.





Other Unapproved Mod

Any mod that was not on the approved modifications list or approved by an administrator.


Movement modification(s)

Any modification that can give players a speed/flying/unusual movement advantage.

Ex: Fly, Speed, B-Hop, X/Y-Teleport, Tracers, etc.


X-Ray modification(s)

Any modification that can hint players where ores may be located.

Ex: X-Ray/Texture packs designed to make any blocks transparent besides the vanilla transparent blocks


PvP modification(s)

Any modification that can give a user an advantage PvP wise

Ex: Kill Aura, Reach, Strafe, etc.


Illegitimate creation of items, blocks or entities

Any creation of items, blocks or entities using a client. This includes duping items.

Ex. a player creates diamonds out of thin air



Any macro that will have some positive effect gain on the player

Ex. a macro to complete parkour in the hub


Attempting to force op yourself or punish others

Attempting to obtain permissions to perform a task normally not possible within a given security group


DDoS, DoS, player, or join/leave spam

Anything that severely affects the performance of Ambrosium will result in a permanent IP ban and may result in legal punishments based on your location



“Nuking” any areas of the server will result in permanent ban and possibly an IP ban, depending on the severity


Proxy / TOR exit node

The player as well as the proxy / TOR exit node’s IP address will be banned


Rules that affect gameplay

  1. Severity 1 (Appeal for removal):
  1. Warning
  2. Warning
  3. 1 day ban
  4. 3 day ban
  5. 7 day ban
  1. Severity 2 (Appeal for removal):
  1. 1 day ban
  2. 7 day ban
  3. 14 day ban
  4. Permanent ban
  1. Severity 3 (Appeal for removal):
  1. 7 day ban
  2. 14 day ban
  3. 30 day ban
  4. Permanent ban






Doing something in order to purposely anger somebody for the fun of it


Game Lagging

Creating a device deliberately to generate lag for other users or the server

Ex. Redstone clock, fireworks spammer, etc.


Bug Abuse

Abusing a bug or exploit for the gain of an oneself and/or others



Damaging or stealing anything on the server that does not belong to you without permission from the owner of said property

Terms and Conditions of Use

Ambrosium, its affiliates, administrators, and staff (collectively Ambrosium) provides a Minecraft server (the Service) to the User. In the case that something occurs under jurisdictions governed by Ambrosium and is not listed in the rules but should still result in punishment, Ambrosium can apply any kind of manual punishment deemed necessary for the situation, and Ambrosium does not need to warn the User about the punishment prior. If the User feels that the Ambrosium Representative has abused their power, the User may report the incident to the Ambrosium Representative’s superior officer.

Ambrosium reserves the right, but not the obligation, to enforce the rules listed above at their sole discretion. Ambrosium reserves the right to terminate service to the User for any reason at any given point, with or without warning. Ambrosium may revise these terms of use for the Service at any time with or without notice. All chargebacks will result in immediate termination of the Service to the User. In the event of a chargeback, the User will be permanently banned from using the Service. By using the Service, the User agrees to be bound by the current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Privacy and Safety

Ambrosium holds the User’s privacy to the highest degree of importance. Ambrosium collects some information such as Mojang UUID, a persistent identifier, in order to correctly operate the Service. Any and all information used and retained by Ambrosium is stored privately, and is not shared with any third parties without express permission from the User.